Copter Stock Media startet

12 September, 2014

Copter Stock Media, the community for selling and buying UAV aerial images and videos is opening its doors to aerial photographers and videographers.


Copter Stock Media is calling on to founding aerial photographers to register and upload content to the site. Photographers uploading content until December 31st receive 70% royalty from those sales from day one and throughout 2015.


Specialized in drone / UAV aerial images, we sets ourselves apart from other stock photography companies: We offer a simple pricing scheme and substantial royalties from the first image sold. „We honor and respect the work of our contributors and the effort it takes to create splendid aerial images“, says Karl Quint, the founder of the company, and an aerial photographer himself. „I believe that every creative person, photographers in general and aerial photographers in particular, should be able to license their images at fair conditions for all parties involved. Copter Stock Media wants to be part of a culture which offers fair royalties and sustainable careers for aerial photographers licensing their images under the stock model.“


Given the specialized nature of the service and the technical and legal requirements that aerial drone photographers have to meet before they can commercialize their work, selling images with „standard“ stock photography companies for under € 5 or 6 US $ for an image is not an option. Therefore, Copter Stock Media operates under a licensing scheme balancing the needs of UAV / multicopter photographers and clients, and substantial royalties are built in right from the first image sold. The company offers royalty-free images starting from € 50 or 64 US$ and extended licenses are available and offer the flexibility to work outside the standard license, e.g. for resale products. Photographers receive standard royalties of 50%, and that’s just the minimum. Right now, founding photographers receive 70% royalties for content uploaded until the end of the year (December 31st, 2014) and retain those 70% for all sales from that content throughout 2015.


Aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or multicopters, the names refer to the same thing) is becoming increasingly popular world-wide. The fact that multicopter sales have soared in the past years and more and more photographers adopt this new technology to create content, shows that UAVs have transitioned from hobby toys to tools for serious professionals. Not only are UAV images and videos cheaper than traditional plane and helicopter-based images, they also offer jaw-dropping perspectives that no one dared to imagine a few years ago. However, says Karl Quint, „A lot of UAV aerial content producers are doing a great job and offer high quality media to their clients. At the same time, there is a huge amount of content that remains in their personal archives and never see the light of day, because there is no centralized and specialized platform to offer sales of UAV aerial content at fair prices. On the client side, the problem is that there is no global platform offering new generation aerial media created using UAV technology. Copter Stock Media closes this gap and enables aerial UAV media producers to free their archived content and offer it to a world-wide audience, from private customers to media agencies globally.“

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